Our Story

My name is Li Brolin, I am a fashion designer from Israel and since 2019 I have been creating and designing using reused & upcycled materials only.

While studying my degree I have come across the enormous waste the fashion industry produces every year, which encourage "fast fashion" over consumption in a grand scale. The fashion industry is the SECOND largest polluter in the world after oil, did you know that?

I realized that if I want to be a part of any textile business, it has to be in a different way. This understanding made me, explore different ways I can use any fabric and create a new, fresh, unique and useful product that allow me to express my design skills.

My goal is to reduce textile waste by using the same material again in a different way and create a new story. The passion to create, my love to fashion and the earth climbing concern made WillBee to become real and hopefully, to give other people inspiration to upcycle and create.